MUSIC VIDEO: Martin $ky “Drama”

16 07 2014

Yup more Martin $ky, get used to it this dude is gonna be around for good making dope music. As all of you know I’m a huge fan of this guy’s work so whenever I get a chance, I’ll be sure to post more of his music. Especially since you’ve been asking for more. Definitely enjoy the feedback as always… And YES I will be interviewing Martin $ky soon, keep in mind my schedule has been really crazy with these film festivals, however I have a little break soon, we’ll see if I can work something out. so stay tuned. But in the meantime enjoy this very dope music video and track directed by Elevator’s Bryan Zawlocki.

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DOWNLOAD: Martin $ky X The IONICS “3000” (instrumental)

16 07 2014

Martin $ky

Martin $ky

Been meaning to post this but just been too busy, everything I hear from Martin $ky is dope he’s yet to let me down. I’ve played this at least 3000 times since I’ve heard it the first time. Perfect for vining out. Especially with all this rain in Boston we’re having right now. 

Directed by Nick Visuals (@nickvisuals)

Gruesome Hyperrealist Oil Paintings By Fábio Magalhães

16 07 2014

Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães’ hyperrealist oil paintings

Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães’ hyperrealist oil paintings

“For Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães’ hyperrealist oil paintings, the more grotesque the better. Using gruesome body horror imagery such as hacked up, barely identifiable body parts and suffocated faces in plastic bags, Magalhães’ work is as incisive as it is skillfully rendered. The breaking down of recognizably human appendages and entrails into chopped up, stomach churning chunks is purposefully reminiscent of a real-life counterpart: that of animal cruelty. Although we’re accustomed to seeing animals deconstructed into bright, vacuum-sealed packages of meat every time we go to a supermarket, it’s only when faced with the sickening sight of what our own bodies would look like if sold in similar plastic bags that truth of the cruelty behind the meat industry becomes stunningly clear. Magalhães’ paintings are nightmarish in portrayal, and certainly something you’d never want to see in real life, but when put to canvas are strong, provocative, and memorable works. Magalhães studied at the Federal University of Bahia in the city of Salvador, where he is currently based.”

Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães’ hyperrealist oil paintings

Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães’ hyperrealist oil paintings

Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães’ hyperrealist oil paintings

Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães’ hyperrealist oil paintings




New Music: Lee Woods/ “Playing With Fire”

5 06 2014
Scene from Lee Woods "Playing With Fire"

Scene from Lee Woods “Playing With Fire”


My initial perception of Lee Woods left an interesting impression, she was modest and didn’t speak much of her musical gifts. The most interesting part about my first interaction was that she embodied what a successful artist typically exuded. Confident, magnetic, and charismatic, so it didn’t surprise me when I found out she was a musician. The next question upon our second interaction, “does you talent match your personality?” Lee Woods followed that question up with this visually astounding music video, her debut, “Playing With Fire”. Produced by Garrett Eaton and beautifully styled by the brilliant Samantha Sunderhuse (Treat Yourself Vintage). Keep your eyes peeled for these immensely talented individuals as they continue to ascend. Watch the video below:



Unhappily Ever After/ Jeff Hong

19 05 2014
Princess & The Frog (Unhappily Ever After)

Princess & The Frog (Unhappily Ever After)

“As children, Disney movies provide us with an idealized portrait of adulthood, full of adventure and happy endings. The artist Jeff Hong provides an alternate narrative in “Unhappily Ever After;” here, our beloved Disney princesses and animals are subjected to the realities of a cruel, dark world. Set against moody, disturbing backdrops, the animated characters appear entirely out of place, stunned by the state of the human condition.

Unlike the work of Dina Goldstein, a photographer who imagined the heartbreaking fates of Disney princesses, Hong’s images preserve the two-dimensional form of the famed Disney characters, a choice which heightens the drama of each piece. As if hurled from an easily understood storybook fairytale, the princesses suffer within a more realistic (and three-dimensional) photographic space…” (designBOOM)

disney characters face reality for "unhappily ever after"

disney characters face reality for “unhappily ever after”

Throughout “Unhappily Ever After,” the artist pointedly draws attention to current social injustices. These characters, with whom we associate our own wide-eyed innocence, are placed within a a racially-segregated America (Tiana) or a casino that now occupies a Native American reservation (Pocahontas). Animal cruelty and environmental negligence are laid bare as Dumbo suffers the life of a circus animal, Bambi is hunted and stuffed, and Ariel’s lungs fill with polluted water. Simbo is held captive in a zoo. Alice forsakes Wonderland to maintain her drug habit in the streets, and Cinderella is left in a dark alleyway, her clothes ripped from her body. It is profoundly unsettling to witness these childhood symbols in such a difficult world; more distressing still is the fact these injustices and hardships happen every day. Take a look.

disney-characters-face-reality-for-unhappily-ever-after-designboom-03 disney-characters-face-reality-for-unhappily-ever-after-designboom-01 disney-characters-face-reality-for-unhappily-ever-after-designboom-02 tumblr_n59xdv2mab1taxhuco1_1280 disney-characters-face-reality-for-unhappily-ever-after-designboom-04 disney-characters-face-reality-for-unhappily-ever-after-designboom-09 disney-characters-face-reality-for-unhappily-ever-after-designboom-06

Pete Sayke x ThatKidMyself/ “Forever” (DOWNLOAD)

1 05 2014
Pete Sayke x ThatKidMyself "Forever" Album Cover

Pete Sayke x ThatKidMyself “Forever” Album Cover

Cincinnati-native Pete Sayke and Chicago producer ThatKidMyself  have merged together to create a gem, mastered by Chris Classick for Classick Studios, titled Forever”. The the 14-track collaborative project released with the assistance of  The Hip-Hop ProjectBringingDownTheBand.comHonor Roll Gang and The is definitely worth the download… Special guests include Add-2BrailDreDaiMike SchpitzNeakSlot-AOneTwoKno, and more.



Suddenly (prod. ThatKidMyself & OneTwoKno)

Hold Up Wait (prod. ThatKidMyself)

Forever Interlude (ft. Briana) prod. ThatKidMyself



Chicago Neighborhood Stereotypes (Info-graphic)

24 04 2014







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