Falling Whistles Story 5 Boys Collection

19 11 2012

Zhou B Art Center/ “Elevation III: The Gathering”

16 11 2012

For those of you in Chicago tonight…

Friday, November 16th: “Elevation III The Gathering” is an all star interdisciplinary art experience that showcases the improvised conduction of jazz legend Kahil Elzabar. With his experimental band that features Corey Wilkes, Ernest Kahbeer Dawkins, Junius Paul, Robert Baabe Irving III and special guest legendary vocalist from L.A. Dwight Trible.

“The Gathering”, also presents a one night only large installation created by the award winning sculptor and designer Lucy Slivinski. Plus a choreographed fashion salon created by Katrin Schnabl and Agnieszka Kulon. There will also be live painting with Zore and Andre Guichard, video installation by Stoptime341 directed by Chris Andrew and music provided by DJ Ron Trent and DJ Brian Reaves.

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NoLoveCity! F@CK YEA!

3 11 2012

NoLoveCity has been continuing their rapid tear throughout North America by way of Chicago, arguably on of the wittiest Street lines out currently, NoLoveCity looks to be the equivalent of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys of the 80s.  Below are a few of their newest creations. Also in the spirit of election season, feel free to vote for NoLoveCity in PLNDR’s “BATTLE OF THE BRANDS” competition VOTE HERE

Movie + Fashion Trivia/ Candice Milon

11 09 2012

Classic Movie Outfits

Photographer Candice Milon put together a collection of outfits from iconic films, how many can you identify? The answers are over herebut don’t ruin it for everybody else! No CHEATING! Try to get them all first without looking!

Classic Movie Outfits

Classic Movie Outfits

Classic Movie Outfits

Classic Movie Outfits

Classic Movie Outfits

Classic Movie Outfits

Classic Movie Outfits




4 09 2012

super mario wedge heels

The ‘Super Mario Wedge Heels’ by Kristina Leigh Howard are a geeky girl’s dream. These pumps have been custom-painted to look like the landscapes of old school Super Mario levels.

These heels can be found on etsy as well, there aren’t many like it.

keith haring shoe line

Fashion designer Nicholas Kirkwood has produced his ‘Keith Haring’ shoe line inspired by the the 1980s pop artist Haring himself. After watching ‘The Universe of Keith Haring’ documentary, Kirkwood was inspired to create this dramatically unique collection of high heels

Christian Louboutin 'Lady Peep'

The latest Christian Louboutin ‘Lady Peep’ pumps are stylish in a geek-chic way.  The inspiration behind these shoes comes from technology of course and the design itself reflects computer chips and programming language.

Nike Air Max 1 ‘Leopard’ Pack

30 08 2012


I’ve been waiting for these to drop, the wait is nearly over!

“…As we get closer to the release of the upcoming Nike Air Max 1 Leopard Pack, we can give you another look at the two sneakers. The Air Max 1 remains to be one of the most popular sneakers of the Nike collection. For Holiday 2012 it returns in two leopard colorways – Charcoal/Sail-Gym Red and the much stronger Black/Sandtrap-Dark Gold Leaf-Sunburst version. With a release scheduled for October 2012, you can already pre-order the Nike Air Max 1 Leopard Sneaker Pack now from Titolo…”



DSLR Camera Miniature Necklaces

24 08 2012

JnPol DSLR Camera Miniature Necklaces

“…The JnPol DSLR camera miniature necklaces are an adorable tech-inspired accessory for your camera-wielding friends. Using polymer clay and resin accents, this Etsy designer creates whimsical and detailed pendants.

The pint-sized necklaces are certainly scaled-down in comparison to a full-fledged DSLR. However, all the charms and features that make a Nikon or a Canon what it is have not been missed. The necklaces can also be customized with personalized images on the camera’s display screen. Whether you want yours on a long, delicate chain or strung like a cellphone charm, the microscopic models can be crafted to your liking.

While most photographers are never far from their tools of the trade, the JnPol DSLR camera miniature necklaces are a fun way for them to alway carry their equipment…”

JnPol DSLR Camera Miniature Necklaces 2

JnPol DSLR Camera Miniature Necklaces 4

JnPol DSLR Camera Miniature Necklaces 7

JnPol DSLR Camera Miniature Necklaces 8

Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Watches

23 08 2012


Swiss watch brand Romain Jerome always surprises with new ideas and after having presented already watches featuring Moon-DNA and Titanic-DNA, as well as the Space Invader characters, the next series to be released features the iconic Pac-Man video game characters all over the dial.

Previously being features on cheaper time pieces, this is probably the first time Pac-Man characters appear on an expensive watch. Overall there will be 4 different watch, each featuring a Swiss automatic Concepto movement and limited to 20 pieces. The watches will be exclusively launched at the Colette store in Paris on September 3rd, and then at other Romain Jerome retailers thereafter on September 10th, 2012. Price for the Romain Jerome PAC-MAN watches is $17,900.



The Cinderella Eyewear Collection

19 08 2012

cinderella eyewear 3

“The Cinderella eyewear collection produced by Magic Touch Japan was designed by Mikiya Kobayashi with the help of art director Ryota Sakae.

The designs consist of brightly colored shades that look more like visors than sunnies. They sport subtle geometric patterning, which only adds to a future-forward look. The fact that they are worn by milky-white models only makes these designs more striking.

cinderella eyewear 2

cinderella eyewear

Epitomizing the vogue look, these bold pieces mix art and fashion. With no frames and a smooth, minimalistic design, these glasses will make anyone look high-fashion, stage-ready and performance-perfect. If you have a vibrant personality and are looking for some chic shades to back this up, this Cinderella collection by Magic Touch Japan is the perfect solution.” -Vivian Lau

cinderella eyewear 8

cinderella eyewear 9

cinderella eyewear 4

“Super Embarrassing”

1 08 2012

Super Embarrassing by Kerry Callen

Artist Kerry Callen throws in her latest entry for new designs with her “Super Embarrassing” series, I’d really like to see these and more from this artist in an art gallery. Vote for her at threadless.


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