Dying For McQueen: Kate Moss

29 01 2014

A dark, unsettling atmosphere and a lurking blood-thirsty voyeur is admittedly a rather unusual setting for a Spring-Summer fashion campaign. Yet that’s exactly what notorious fashion photographer Steven Klein has produced forAlexander McQueen’s SS14 campaign. Starring an almost unrecognisable Kate Moss, the campaign was unveiled today, and takes place in a mysterious setting full of ominous shadows, hallucinatory green lights, needled voodoo dolls and grimacing masks. The clothes and accessories, in the shape of reptile leather, bronze and tight bondage-like garments, designed by Sarah Burton, also seem to have been inspired by the occult.

A promo film accompanying the campaign was also produced by Klein, which appears to reference the 1960 thriller film ‘Peeping Tom’ by Michael Powell. Now considered a cult masterpiece, ‘Peeping Tom’ tells the story of a serial killer and voyeur who liked to film the anguished expressions of his dying victims. In the Alexander McQueen film, a faceless male figure holding a camera (played by Steven Klein himself) meets Kate Moss in a dark alley. Moss proceeds to lead him up to her apartment – you can see where this is going. Although we do raise an eyebrow at the film’s stylised representations of violence and murder, that said, we still think it is a stunning film, really falling for its mesmerising colour hues, the genial soundtrack and Moss’ fluorescent yellow hair.

Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

Courtesy of Alexander McQueen.

Kate Moss Supreme Royalty

27 03 2012

For their new Royalty Issue, i-D Magazine worked with photographer Alasdair McLellan and Kate Moss on a spread for the new Supreme Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. Along with the shoot, the magazine presents an interview with James Jebbia, founder and owner of Supreme. In line with the current Supreme Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign and the Kate Moss t-shirt that the brand presented,


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